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Discover a Wealth of Personal Insights about One of the Most Admired Men in America


Billy Graham has preached the Good News about Jesus in person to more people than anyone in history. Millions more have heard him through television, radio, and film.  

Billy Graham Biography

This easy-to-read biography tells Billy Graham’s story, including his humble beginnings as a southern farm boy, his calling to the ministry, the start of the crusades, his service to America’s leaders, and his later years preaching around the globe. As you read these details of a life dedicated to the cause of Christ, you will be encouraged and inspired to give your life in service to God.

Check out some of the benefits of reading Billy Graham:

check engaging true stories

check perfect for families to read aloud together

check a short book of less than 180 pages

check practical, easy-to-apply life lessons 

check inspirational insights to daily life

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Reading Billy Graham, you will discover:

check Why no one can replace Billy Graham (p xvii)

check What campaign reached over 185 countries (p 2)

check How Billy Graham wants to be remembered (p 3)

check What developed his voice (p 5)

check How Billy Graham learned about alcohol (p 13)

check What book was central for the Grahams (p 14)

checkWhen Billy Graham changed in a moment (p 19)

check The summer job that developed his prayer skills (p 20)

check How Billy developed his preaching skills (p 26)

check Why WW II was a significant turning point (p 34)

 The Stories are Easy To Apply To Your Life

While Billy Graham is a biography about the Greatest Evangelist in the Twentieth Century, you can learn valuable insights for your own life.

Billy Graham cover

check Why Billy & Ruth Graham graduated from Wheaton at the same time (p 39)

check Billy Graham first speaks on the radio (p 41)

check Why Billy took his first plane trip (p 43)

check Why he couldn't serve as a chaplain (p 44)

check Great Britain deepened his spiritual life (p 51)

check A Canadian Mountie Misidentified Billy (p 53)


Use one of four different Ways to Order:

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About W. Terry Whalin 
Terry Whalin 

W. Terry Whalin has always been fascinated with stories about people and their lives. As a youth, he read many biographies and later he wrote stories as a journalist. Terry has profiled more than 150 bestselling authors in more than 50 magazines including Christianity Today and Writers Digest. Terry is the author of more than 60 books including biographies of Chuck Colson, John Perkins, Sojourner Truth, Billy Sunday, Samuel Morris and Luis Palau. An Acquisitions Editor at Morgan James Publishing, Terry and his wife Christine live in Colorado. His website is at: www.terrywhalin.com.


What Others Say About

Billy Graham

“Every Christian should take time to study the lives of great heroes of the faith—after all, we stand on their shoulders. Billy Graham, a beloved treasure in the kingdom of Christ, is one such saint. If you want to cultivate a passion for souls, get to know Mr. Graham in the pages of this book. I promise you’ll be blessed!”

Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“This story about the life of Billy Graham is one that I’ve known my entire life. While he has been one of the most admired men in America, to me he has always been Uncle Billy. Now my friend, Terry Whalin brings this biography to a new generation of readers. As you read this engaging book, I hope the example of my uncle will stir you to a deeper walk with Jesus.”

Kevin Ford, Principal, TAG Consulting & nephew of Billy Graham

“I’ve had the honor of knowing both this book’s author as well as its subject. Dr. Billy Graham led me to Christ in July of 1973. As I sat in my San Jose California apartment, Dr. Graham extended an invitation to receive Jesus as savior. The net was thrown, and I was caught. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to know and serve with Dr. Graham. He is a man of exceptional humility and spiritual power.

In Terry Whalin’s book, we glimpse Billy Graham the man as well as his ministry. These fifteen short but informative chapters paint a proper portrait of this extraordinary man of God. Terry’s strength is his ability to capture Billy’s life with poignant stories and providential incidences. I recommend the book and pray God would raise up more men and women dedicated to proclaiming the good news found in the Christ that Graham preached.”

Skip Heitzig, Pastor, Calvary Albuquerque

“Our polarized, divided world dearly misses the spirit of grace that Billy Graham brought to the world. I’m very glad Terry Whalin has written a biography that introduces him anew.”

Philip Yancey, best-selling author of What’s So Amazing About Grace?”

“Terry Whalin’s love and respect for Billy Graham shows clearly in this riveting work. Yes, this is a story of one man’s life and the team who supported him. It also clearly gives credit to the power of God’s Spirit on whom Billy Graham relied to accomplish everything from Christianity Today, Conferences for Evangelists, a superb television and media ministry, to the remarkable Crusades around the world. I highly recommend this book, a book you will not want to put down. It will be a blessing to all who travel through its pages.”

Tom Phillips, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Vice President, Billy Graham Library

“My great grandmother saw Billy Graham preaching, I’ve always heard it was on the steps of the courthouse in Georgetown TX, and she turned to my grandmother and said, “You just watch. That young man is going to change the world for Christ.” It’s been a part of our family lore ever since then.

Reading through the book, trying to pinpoint the time frame of that story, I think it must have been when Billy took that swing through Texas down to San Antonio in 1950. Hard to believe, that would have been 64 years ago, and look what has happened since then.

Well written and succinct, Billy Graham is an honest look at the man and his calling, his struggles to stay humble in the limelight, the difficulty of separation from his family, and his constant calling on God for the next step.”

Deborah Bedford, best-selling author of His Other Wife and, with Joyce Meyer, The Penny and Any Minute

Working with the Rev. Billy Graham on his memoir, Just As I Am, remains the highlight of my career. The story of the dairy farm boy who became the world’s greatest evangelist and spiritual confidant to heads of state never grows old. In Billy Graham, A Biography of America’s Greatest Evangelist, veteran author Terry Whalin offers a quick reading account of Mr. Graham’s life, jam packed with anecdotes that bring him to life on the page. It’s a fun and interesting read that promises to inspire and challenge you in your walk of faith.

Jerry B. Jenkins, best-selling Novelist & Biographer

“This book is very inspiring to me because I know both the author and the man whose life is being written about. Of course Billy Graham is well-known for his accomplishments, telling the world about God’s love for mankind.”

“For some, let me introduce my good friend Terry Whalin. Terry not only worked with Mr. Graham, he knew the humble and contrite man who preached the Gospel of Jesus to millions upon millions. I commend not only the book as a story line but the author who shares Billy Graham’s passion to touch lives for Jesus Christ.”

Mike MacIntosh, Pastor, Horizon Christian Fellowship

“Nothing will be more encouraging in your Christian life than to discover the sovereign work of God in the life of Billy Graham! Billy’s story is your story and my story…what happens when the hand of God touches your life and leads you in the steps He has ordained for you! Every chapter reveals new vistas of God’s grace in one life.”

Glenna Salsbury, Preeminent Motivational Speaker and Author of Heavenly Treasures and The Art of the Fresh Start

“It has been my privilege to serve as a Crusade Associate and as a vice chairman of three of Billy Graham’s crusades over the years. My life has been deeply blessed and impacted by his ministry. I pray that this biography written by my friend, Terry Whalin, will be a great encouragement and inspiration to you in your service for God.”

Paul Cedar, Chairman and CEO of Mission America Coalition

“Billy Graham has touched millions of lives with the Good News about Jesus. In this biography, my friend Terry Whalin has captured the remarkable story of how a boy from North Carolina took to the world stage and brought a message of hope to millions.”


Suzanne Kuhn founder of SuzyQn4U and veteran retailer